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We are ONLY caring up to 6 People for $30.00 per Seat or Private Tours (10 ppl or less) for $175.00

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About Our Fire Engine Tour

The Portland Fire Engine Co. has been delivering the best-narrated history and sightseeing tour in Portland, Maine since we opened in 2012. Our unique company history is an inspiring story in itself. Owner Keith Nuki was a huge history buff and car guy who had been working with many of the Old Port’s tour companies. This unique combination of interests and passions helped him come up with the idea to create a Vintage Fire Engine Tour around the Portland peninsula.

He wanted a shorter tour than what the local trolley offered and something that looked cool for kids but was fact-based and interesting for everyone. He hired a great team of guides to deliver the Portland sightseeing tour you expect and deserve. Come meet us all in person by booking a 50-minute tour.

Top-Rated Sightseeing Tours of Portland, Maine

Our 50-minute sightseeing tour of Portland is different from anything else in the area.

These 5-Star Reviews are on Fire!

Fire Truck Fun!

Glenn was a great guide and gave us lots of information about Portland! The trip was fun and the fire truck is great!

– Art Chick, TripAdvisor
Great way to start your stay in Portland ME

First time for an extended visit in Portland and this tour with such amazing guides set the whole trip on the right path.

– Kathy and Lester, TripAdvisor
Vintage Fire Truck

We booked a private tour for our group of 9. We all loved it including our 3 yo. A fun, unique and educational tour of the city.

– Heather F., TripAdvisor
Loved It!

I had a great time on this tour, it wasn’t too long or too short, the guide gave great info on things to do and the best places to get food!

– Tiffany C., TripAdvisor
Good way to see the history of Portland

Excellent commentary and the opportunity to see some of historic Portland. Also the opportunity to see the port from a different perspective.

– Christian G., TripAdvisor
Nice Tour

Our family has enjoyed the tour very much. We've had a great time! We were able to get a glimpse of Portland and look forward to going back to Portal in the future.

– OnAir, TripAdvisor
Engaging and informative

I really enjoyed this tour! The tour guide was clever and very personable. I learned a lot about Portland, but was never bored or felt like I was sitting in a lecture. Highly recommend!

– Sarah K., TripAdvisor