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Things To Do Near Portland Maine

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Let Us Show You Around Portland

Things to do Near Portland Maine

Many of the points of interest listed on this page are landmarks and places of interest we drive by along our Portland Maine tour route. Our talented and local tour guides know each one of these landmarks and places of interest and are happy to share all of their knowledge with you aboard our Portland Maine tour. Maine is full and rich with history and culture.

Our tour is the perfect way to see Portland Maine and learn all about it’s history. As you ride onboard our Vintage Fire Truck, our tour offers a fantastic multimedia experience. We have partnered with the Maine Historical Society and are able to show high resolution photographs of Portland Maine’s past on our large flat screen LED TV. It’s a great way to see what Portland Maine used to actually look like back in the day. Portland Maine has a wealth of history that our local tour guides can’t wait to share with you. I don’t want to give away too much information, but you will learn so much about our city by the sea.

Our Portland Maine tour is only 50 minutes long. It gives you a great overview of the city itself and leaves you with lots of time to enjoy other activities such as restaurants, shopping, and boat excursions. We want you to remember your Portland Maine trip with fond memories, especially our Portland Maine tour. Make sure you check out all of our five star reviews on TripAdvisor. We can only seat up to 13 people so make sure you book your tour early as we sell out very quickly. Book your Portland Maine tour with us today!