About Us

The History and Latest News of the Portland Fire Engine Co.

The Idea

The Portland Fire Engine Co. has been delivering the best narrated history tour in Portland, Maine since we opened in 2012. Our unique company history is an inspiring story in itself. Owner Keith Nuki had been working with many of the tour companies in the Old Port and was a huge history buff as well as a car guy. It was this combination of interests and passions that helped him dream up a Vintage Fire Engine Tour around the peninsula of Portland. He wanted a shorter tour than what the trolley offered and something that looked cool for kids but was fact-based and interesting for everyone. He hired a great team of guides to deliver the Portland history tour you expect and deserve. Come meet us all in person by booking a 50-minute tour.

The Truck

Keith found a 1971 Farah pumper from Center Harbor New Hampshire and converted it to safely carry passengers. See a photo from the Fire Station taken in 1971 below. He also installed a large flat screen TV and hooked up with the Maine Historical Society to be able to show beautiful historical images of Portland’s past during the tour. Keith then did a ton of research about Portland’s past with a focus on the fire history. Once the final touches were added to the truck, including the Bimini top and stereo/PA system, a route had to be put together. Keith circled the city many times and slowly put together a fantastic route that included the entire peninsula of Portland. The tour is still a work in progress and is often altered because of construction or traffic – so each fire engine tour is different and a unique experience.

Meet Our Crew

Keith then hand-picked a crew of local historians including actors and hard core history buffs. Though it was not an easy task an experienced driver was found. We needed a driver that could handle an old standard transmission truck that needs to be babied and double clutched. With all the pieces in place, he started the tour in May 2012. It was an instant hit and is just getting better and better each season. Come join us for a 50-minute tour and meet our crew and learn more about us. Our goal is to provide both superior customer service and tremendous value for our customers. It is about us and you having a great experience together.

We Have Been in the News

People are saying great things about us. There have been many news articles written about us since we began in May 2012. Our first article was in the Portland Press Herald. David Hench came down and interviewed us about our great new idea. The article came out in August 2012 with some great photographs and tour descriptions! MP from Cute Potato then reached out to us. She brought her family down for a tour and then wrote an amazing blog about their experience. This was followed up from a call from the Bangor Daily News. They did a story on the new tour businesses coming into Portland and the competition they bring along. We also had the Boston Herald do a news story on us. If you are a travel writer and would like to learn more about Portland Fire Engine Co. please give us a call.

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